Saturday, June 25, 2011

Glassing racks are empty, Go custom

Oliver Pup Gundy
Oliver Pup Gundy
One thing that I am finding out is that at my age it is better to ride them than make 'em. Soon I shall depart for foreign shores, Back to France, Spain. Morocco, and further.Honkin on to new frontiers as it were.The last adventure I was toasted on three Continents, I was really a wreck, My current approach will be one of proportion and flow, everything in moderation" as Mike Diffenderfer said of surfboard shapes,I add maybe.I'm still looking for the unridden spot, easy to paddle out,no fish bigger than me, no wet suit, a lovely San bar on smooth round stones with a covering eel grass, Crap this is beginning to sound like work.I just want to shape a few good boards, the very best I can. The Handmade surfboard is very personal and important part of our lives, they ride better than pop-outs, It's your life. You deserve good equipment, and the guys that make 'em deserve to be busy doing what they love,the crap they breath glassing,sanding.It's hard dirty , toxic even with proper equipment.These guys don't even get to surf that much because they are making your boards.

Glassing racks are empty, Go custom ~ Kid Romance

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