Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Still Suave and Debonair After All These Years

Still Suave and Debonair After All These Years
So Long Suppers
I want to see the Supplies on Guppies organize a paddle from Manhattan Beach to Molokai, then on to China where they can buy the sandals that we all are accustomed to wearing at a reasonable price some new boards and paddles, Chinese food and whatever. The other day at the spot formerly known as Dog Patch, Now Zombieland,There was this guy on a 8'guppie, totally tearing up the small mushy surf in a amazing display shredding, slashing, shralping, it was unfortunately quite grotesque. the problem with most sups is that they have never surfed or surfed well. It brings new meaning to the term ' stiff legged Kook '. Add to this the fact the volume of a 'guppie' is not backed up with enough weight ( inertia ) to make'em go without a paddle. Then to top it off, if the kook string breaks what to do with the paddle , stow it! The first thing that happens upon embarking on the suppy trail is a big board & paddle= greed.The wave count instead of the wave. Shortly thereafter the delusion that they are the last apostles of rugged individualism. Suppin A Sup yours, Sup off, and so long Suppers. Every time I went out I had to be in the Charlton Heston mode to survive. I don't hate Sups, i don't know that they don't like me because of the way I look at them. I feel sorry for them. Some day I'll be the old guy with the orange helmet going the wrong way. I've got to go out and buy some orange spray paint, Sincerely, Frederick Heesy A.K.A. Shah , A.K.A. .CAPT TOOTGUNDY, A.K.A., FREDDIE LEGEND, A.K.A. FREEWHEELIN' FREDDIE, A.K.A. KID ROMANCE (himself)

Still Suave and Debonair after all these years ~Kid Romance

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