Monday, June 27, 2011

Proportion and Flow, Everything in Moderation.

Proportion and Flow, Everything in Moderation.
Including Moderation
Epoxy pop outs are extremely toxic polluters, one reason they are made in third world countries. Shaped epoxy, hand fiber glassed is a different story. So is epoxy glassed polyurethane boards. Long, Short, SUP, go hand made Keep this art alive.Our friends in the industry make us look good & feel good. In spite of one industries typhoon opinion, there are some young shapers who have talent and patience to shape because they have the want to do it in them. One such fellow is Wes Holderman nice traditional/ modern single fins. Mostly one learns by himself by doing it. Always you pick up bits & pieces from shapers, Riding your own shapes of course, and sometimes riding boards that don't float well because they got too thin while being perfected. A good way to begin is to get a board that you really like. Make a template off of it, get help buying the proper blank, Have that board with you when you shape. Have it in the room. Here is a tip from Glen Kennedy on that" you have to go after the shape", a tip from Greg Liddle " they don't have to be perfect to work". Mike Diffenderfer

Proportion and flow, everything in moderation. ~Kid Romance

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